Sacramento Driving in Rain

Drive Safe in Bad Weather

October 15, 2016

The weekend is here and it’s a wet one. We all need to take some measure to be safe drivers in bad weather. It would be a wise decision to set aside a little time to insure that your car is bad-weather ready. The California Highway Patrol recommends that drivers in the Golden State check the following before driving in bad weather:

Bad Weather Checklist:

• Do your tires have plenty of tread?
• Are your windshield wipers in good condition?
• Is your windshield wiper fluid container full?
• Is your gas tank full?
• Is the defroster working?
• Are the muffler and exhaust in good condition?
• Is there antifreeze in the radiator?
A little bit of time spent checking your car this weekend can mean the difference between a good driving experience in bad weather or an accident. Be safe, not sorry.

For more information on bad weather driving, see:

Up-to- the-Minute Road Conditions

In today’s cell phone world, we often overlook the other tried-and- true ways that still offer reliable and solid information at our fingertips.

The California Highway Patrol has offered road information for decades to Californians who call the toll-free line 24/7 from California telephones: 1-800- 427-7623. If you are outside California and need California road information, call 1-916- 445-1534. And, if you are planning a drive to Nevada, you can get the latest road information at 1-877- 687-6237.

Information on weather is also available on the web: and